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Apollo 11 Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, Sends Statement for Government Hall of Fame Gala




Last Thursday, September 19, the Apollo 11 Astronauts were inducted into the Government Hall of Fame. In recognition of this honor, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wrote the following statement to be delivered on his behalf by Capt. Randy Cruz at the first annual Government Hall of Fame Gala.




Dear Government Hall of Fame Attendees,

Please allow me to thank all the organizers, as well as all those in attendance, for the honor being accorded members of the Apollo 11 crew today, as we are inducted into the official Government Hall of Fame.  I commend all those who have helped make such a special day happen.

Fifty years ago, Neil and I were privileged to walk on the moon, as Mike circled in lunar orbit.   My former commander, Neil Armstrong, would surely have enjoyed today – and I have no doubt would be grateful for induction. Command Module Pilot Mike Collins knows this Cathedral well, as he graduated from St. Albans, a stone’s throw from here.  For myself, I am humbled by the initiative, effort, high honor, and presentation in this venue.

The National Cathedral is special for many reasons.  On the south side, is the famous “Space Window,” which contains a piece of moon rock from our Apollo 11 mission.  The window was placed on the south side of the Cathedral in 1974, five years after our return.  The inscription, from Job 22, reads: “Is not God in the height of heaven?”

As I thank you again in this special place for today’s honor, I am reminded of words spoken back in 1974, as the “Space Window” was placed.  Those words, to which Mike gave voice, are again fitting.  “Creator of the universe, your dominion extends through the immensity of space.  Guide and guard those who seek to fathom its mysteries.”

To all those here today, I regret that I cannot physically be with you, but I am with you in spirit and am grateful for all those who give and will in the future give to this great country, through all kinds of government service.  With a full heart, onward and outward!


Buzz Aldrin,

Lunar Modul Pilot, Apollo 11

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