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Beating the Working from Home Blues

Beating the Working from Home Blues

While our office may be working remote, and avoiding non-essential travel, our team hasn’t let distance dampen their spirits! To banish the self-distancing blues and foster a sense of community, the GEMG team has been sharing updates about their working-from-home adventures, from their home office set-ups to recommended binge-watching favorites and culinary pursuits. 












Recommended Reading

Connie Sayers: Some of my really good friends have books coming out during the pandemic!  Their book events were cancelled, so I want to plug their fabulous work: Alma Katsu’s The Deep is a mystery that involves both The Titanic and it’s doomed sister ship, The Britannic. Karin Tanabe’s A Hundred Suns which is a thriller set in 1930s Indochina. Both of these ladies are local DC-area writers. Alma used to work in the intelligence community and Karin was a Politico reporter!

Laurie Diamond: I am currently reading Gen Matthis’ Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead. He signed my copy after telling me he reads Defense One every morning!

Alex Treadway: Just finished Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon and started The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

Daniela Fayer: Too much COVID-19 coverage, my eyes and mind are crossing!  But I do have a copy of Nora Ephron’s I Feel Bad About My Neck, only recommended for a certain age group for necessary comic relief…and always an Agatha Christie mystery, this month They Came to Baghdad.  So, I’ve totally dated myself during this time but it’s comforting to live in the past right now…and both are public library books so I can take my time with the read as they are closed!


What’s Cooking?

Hilery Sirpis: Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t cook, but I’ve turned into quite the Betty Crocker during this time, baking and cooking non-stop. My favorite food is a spicy chicken taco, so I’ve been playing around with a few recipes and nearly have it perfected, along with a fresh skinny margarita (which I perfected years ago!). And we all know that the only way to ever start any Mexican meal is with salsa! This is the only “food” I’ve ever really made, a spicy homemade salsa (yes, I do consider it a food group and no, I won’t share my secret recipe)! It’s so beloved by my friends, that I took time this week to make some for special deliveries! When all this cooking gets too exhausting, I’m trying to support local businesses by ordering to-go-meals. My current favorite is Kitchen 1310’s Kale Salad!

salsa tacos

Jessie Wang: Lockdown life here in San Francisco has me channeling my inner Ina and cooking up a storm. I’ve been playing around with different recipes in order to use up what we have around the house. This past week’s menu featured everything from kimchi fried rice to pork chops to lasagna. And of course, with all of the restaurants closed, my best laid birthday plans for the BF were also cancelled and replaced with ratatouille and berry cheesecake at home. 

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Instant Mood Boosts

Helen Dubas: Neil Diamond “Hands….Washing Hands”

Connie:  I’m obsessed with Pluto!  

Hilery: A little silly, but seems appropriate right now: Dolly Parton’s “Hard Candy Christmas.” Also, the lead singer of Dawes, Taylor Goldsmith re-wrote one of his songs with lyrics about the quarantine titled, Stay Home, and I’m playing it on repeat. 

Alex: Students from all over Italy singing “Helplessly Hoping” by Crosby Stills & Nash


What We’re Watching

Becky Hoffman: Old seasons of Real Housewives, particularly New York and Beverly Hills (if you’re a fan be sure to check out the new Bev Hills season trailer). Also Tiger King on Netflix… it’s WILD and completely out of left field! 

Alex: I’ve endured some really bad RomComs this week. Surprisingly, the new Emma was one of them! 

Kyle George: Just started Mad Men after finishing The Good Place (recommended by Hilery!)

Gabrielle Gold: Catching up on the latest season of Schitt’s Creek and very excited for Ozark’s new season to come out soon. Currently I am binge watching The Morning Show and Tiger King—complete opposites but both very entertaining.

Jennifer DeSilva: The Fosters with my 13 year old daughter. So many teachable moments for teenagers! And just started Little Fires Everywhere and super excited Ozark is back.

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